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Tips Of Lips

In This Busy Life It Is Very Difficult To make You Healthy And Up to date, In Winter Season The Lips Become Dog Eared And Dryness  Creates. Such As Due To Smog.The Less Us Of Water IS Cause Of Dryness And Smoking Also Effects the Lips.Usually Dryness Can Be Created Due To Less Use OF Some Food Particles. Every one  Do Or Die To Look Cute And Fresh.

There Are  Some Essential And Low Cost Home Tips.You Can Easily Use Use Them And Get So Many Advantage.

1: One Of The Best Thing For Lips Is To Use Of Cucumber . Apply The Pieces Of Cucumber On The Lips For         15 Minuts ,Then Wash Your Lips With Fresh Water And pass On This Process Up To A Weak. In This Way Your Lips Will Become Fresh And Soft .

2: The Mixture Of Lemon Juice,Honey And mustard oil Is also Very Useful For Lips .These Substances       Make Your Lips Beautiful And Healthy And You Feel Very Better.

3: You Can Also Use  Mixture Of Honey,Olive Oil And Molasses.This Act Bring About Spick And Span Of        Your Lips .

4:  Aleovera Jell Is Cut Out For Lips,Which Makes The Lips Pinky And Frish And Everyone Will Cry Up Your Lips .

5: The Use Of Honey And Petroleum jelly On The lips Is Very Good Process Of Keeping The Lips Soft And Lively. This Phenomenon Pass On Up To 10 Days.

6:  Take Some Mustard Oil And Water After Mixing These Use This Mixture On Lips,Which Is Cause Of Frishness.In This Way You Will Be Able To Get A New Shine Of Lips.

7:Maximum Use Of water Keeps The Lips Spick And Span.By And By ,This act Will Make your Lips More Healthy And Frish.

8:The Use Of Oliva Oil Three Time In A Weak Creats Glow On The Lips. That Will Make Your Lips Charming.

9: Take Petals Of Rose Flowers  And Dip In  Milk For Tow Hours . After This Process ,Make Sauce Of These Petals.Then Use Sauce On Lips. This Method Will Bring Your Lips Through Very Soon.

10: You Should Use Almond Oil And Coconut Oil On The Lips, These Bring On Embellishment And Dryness Vanishes Completely.

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