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Fair & Lovely Skin Tips

As We Know That The Skin Is Very Important Part Of Our body . That”s The Protection Of Skin Is Very Compulsory. In This Modern Age Everyone Crave For Fair Skin. The Use Of Nutrition By Fit And Starts I Cause Of Dry Skin. In Some Areas Environment Is Not Cut Out For Skin Which Effects The Skin. The Dry and Cold Season Is Also Bring On Negative Effects. The persons Which have Dry Skin , They Should Avoid From Hot Season And Sun Rays Are Also Dangerous For Them And Create Eruption On Skin . On Other Side When You Work Hard Under Sun Shine ,You Will Lost Your Fairness . Some People Use  High Chemical Beauty Products On Skin. These Can Be Crisis For Skin And Add To Oily Layer. You Should Not Cast Down Due To All These Problems. You Can Deliver Your Skin From Dryness Using Many natural Tips .

Dry Skin To Fair Skin

1:The Best Method Of Kieeping Your Skin Adornment And Healthy Is The Use Of Olive Oil With Turmric Powder .Mix Two Spoon Of Turmeric Powder With 10 Drope Of Olive Oil Then Use This on Skin . This Way Will Bring About Brightnes Skin.

2:The Use Of One Egg Yolk And Half Spoon Of Almond Oil Is Very Suitable For Skin . Add A Egg Yolk With Almond Oil And Leave This On Your Face For 15 Minuts And Get  A clean Face.

3: For Preservation Op Skin From Dryness Use Mixture Of 2 Spoons Honey ,2 Spoon Fresh Cream And  1 Spoon Of Olive Oil .Which Is Utilizable And Make Skin Soft And Preserve From Eruption.

4: Always Use Of Curd  And Honey Will Bring In your skin. Mix Two Spoons Of Curd With Two Spoons Of Honey And Use on Your Face . This Act Will Prove Healthful For Skin And Blotches Vanish.

5: You Can Also Use Egg Yolk With Olive oil. Prepare A Mixture Which Consist  hisOf an Egg Yolk And 5 Drope Olive oil And Apply On Face . This Process Carry On Fortnight . In This way Shining Will Increase.

6: You Should Resort Frrom Sauce Of Almond  And Milk . Mix Some Almond With One Cup Milk And Apply All Skin And Face . This Is Way Of Go Down Dryness.

7: The Use Of Gram Flour And Milk Is Also Adequate For Skin . Make A Solution Of 20 Spoons Gram Flour And Half Cup Milk And Leave On Face. This Act Also pass on Fortnight . This Will Reduce To Red Patches On Skin.

8: Take Some dry Shells Of orange And Make Powder  Then Add Mustard oil And Use This Mixture On Face. This Method Can Be Utilize For Skin And Add To Adornment Of Skin.

9: Prepare A Mixture Which Incorporate On 2 Spoons Glycerin ,One Spoon Cream And Few Drops Lemon Juice Then Use On Skin. This Process Can Deliver From Blotches And Your Skin Can Be Spic And Span.

10: Always Use Of Fresh Fruits And Vegitables Is Proper Way To Keep Your Skin Soft And Lively.This Natural way Acts On Spure Of The Moment And Make Your Skin Pinky And Softness.


Oily To Fair Skin

There Are Some Natural Tips Which Can  Bring In Your Skin And You Can Carry through Keeping Your Skin Fair And Soft.

1: The Best Way To Keep Skin Fair Is To Apply Mashed Cucumber With Lemon Juice Which Bring About Matchless Beauity Of Skin .This Act Will Reduce To Oily Skin.

2: If You Have Oily Skin And You Should Get Lively Skin Then Take White Of An Egg And Leave It On Face For 15 Minute .This Act Carry On Fortnight.

3: The Naturally Way To Make Skin Soft And Healthy Is The Use OF Curd . Because Curd Consist of Latic Acid And Zink Acid Which Is Suitable For Skin . This Process Will Add To Fairness .

4: The Use Of Fresh Coconut Water Is Very Useful For Skin.Use This Water On Face Daily Up To A Week. This Is Way Of Go Down Red Patches On Skin And Skin Becomes Pinky And Charming.

5: You Should Also Use Saffron And Olive Oil For Beauity Of Skin. Take Mixture Which Incorporate One Spone Saffron And 5  Drop Olive Oil Then Apply On Face .This Phenomenon Can Be Prove Constrainable oily Skin And  Adornment will  Increase.

6: Prepare A Mixture Of two Rip Tomato With Half Spoon Of Lemon Juice. Leave This Sauce On Face . This Process Put Asid Oily Lair And Your Face Will Become Fresh And Fair .

7: The Use Of Milk And Honey  Armous Skin From Oilyness . Manufacture Mash Of One Cup Milk With Honey  And Apply On Skin. This Tip will Bring in your Skin And shining Increase.

8: You Can Also use Only Lemon On Face For fair Skin . This Is Cause Of Low Down oily skin. Make Pieces Of Lemon And Keep it On Face . Carry On This Act Up To Fortnight . Every One Will Cry Up your skin.

9: The Matchless Beauty In Skin Can Be Create By Applying Mashed Tomato With . This Act Bring On Embellishment Of Skin.

10: For Glowing Skin You Should Also prefer Coconut Oil And Glycerin . Apply This Mixture On Face Than After Some Time wash Your Face . Keep At This Process Up To Fortnight. This Way Not Only Health Full But Also Softful.

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