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10 Quick Weight Loss Ways

The Disease Of Fatness Is Increasing Day By Day. In This Modern Age Over Weighting  Has Become Burning Question For Many People . Every Body Want To Look Slim And Smart. There Is An Old Saying That Health Is Wealth. Some Of Yong People Are Not Serious About Their  Health . They Do Not Take Extraordinary Pains To Build Their Health.  They Do Not Take Exercise And Run A race. If You Prefer Creamy Things, Fats And Sweet Things To Albumen , Fruits And Nitrogen Then You Will Become  Fatty In The Long Run. There Are Some Essential  low Cost Fitness Tips By Using Them You Can Get Through Become slim And Beautiful.

1: Lemon Grass Is A low Cost Remedy For Losing Weight. You Can Use Lemongrass To Make Amends For Your Fatty Body. Mix Two Spoons Of Lemongrass In Boiling water, After Boiling Drink Three Time In A day And Carry On This Process Up To Fortnight .

2: Your Weight Can Be Go Down By Using Honey With Lemon Juice . Take One Cup Water And Mix Two Spoon Honey And Few Drops Lemon Juice In It Then Drink Two Time In A Day. This Process Keep At 15 Days.

3: You Can Reduce To Weight And Become Slim And Healthy By  Using Clove, Cardamom, Aniseed And Dry Ginger As A Tea. Grind All These Items And Boil One Cup Water With Half Spoon This PowderThen Drink. Before Drinking Mix One Spoon Honey . So Your Weight Will Set In Losing.

4: You Should Not Eat Every Thing That You Like Until You Can Not Eat Any More. Always Eat Food On Fis Time Table . Do Not Drink Water After Eating Food Lest You Shuld Fell Ill. Always Drink Water Before Eating . In This Way You Can Carry Through Keeping Yourself Slim And Smart.

5: And Just  Word About Exercise . Exercise Is Very Compulsory For You To Keep Beautiful  And Healthy Personality. As For Exercise , If you have To Take It , Take It And Put Up with It. But You Can Ply Basket Ball Or Any Other Fitness Game And Run Race And Do Gymnastics.

6. You Should Fight Shy Of Fatty Things Such As , Curd ,Cream And Fry Meat etc. You Should Prefer Vegetable And Fruit To Them And Avoid From Sugary Things By Using These Rules You Can Get Through Becoming Slim And Healthy.

7. The Use Of Fresh Vegetables And Fruits Is A Royal Road For Losing Weight . You Should Eat Maximum Fruits And Vegetables Which Keep Your Body Slim And Smart.

8. Drinking Of Green Tea Is Ever Inch A Remedy Of Losing Weight . You Can Resort By Drinking This Tea Three Times In A Day. The Caffeine Which Exists In This Tea Brings On Fitness. In This Way Your Fatness Will Pass Of Very Soon.

9. Eating Eggs Is Proper Remedy Of Over Weighting . Eggs Consist On Many Natural Properties Which Deliver From Fatness. Take One Egg With Bed Tea Daily. This Act Brings About Health And Fitness.

10. The Use Of vinegar And Mint Is Very Adequate For Decreasing Fat. Make Sauce Of Mint And Take Some Salad With Few Drops Of Vinegar. Take This Sauce And Salad At Lunch Time And Fat Will Die Out From Your Body.

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