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10 Home Remedies Tips To Control Hair Fall


Next, Take The Question Of Hair Losing . In this Age Of Hustle And Bustle Many People Are Fall A Prey To Disease Of Hair Losing.  Hair Losing Has Become Burning Question For Many people . By And By, This Disease Is Increasing . According To Common Guess Approximately One Hundred Hairs Fall From Our Body Daily. One Scalp Skin Has 4 Lakhs Hairs. Some People Do Not Look After  Of Hairs And Hairs Set In Losing. Less Use Of Oil,Creation Of Dryness In Scalp Skin  And Dusty Hairs All Of These Go Up In Hair Losing. The Age Of One Hair Is 4 Years And After This Period A New Hair Creates. There Are Some Natural Tips Which Which Can Deliver From Hair Losing.

  1. Take A mixture Which Incorporate On One Egg And 10 Drops Of Lemon Juice . Massage This Mixture In To Scalp, It Will Improve Blood Circulation And It Can Tide Over Hair Loss .Pass On This Process Up To 15 Days.
  2. One Of The Best Way To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong Is The Use Of henna And Mustard Oil. Mix Some Henna Leaves In To One Cup Boiling Mustard Oil. After this process Massage It In To Scalp Skin . It Will Promote The Hair Growth.
  3. You Should Eat Suitable Nutritiment Such As Fresh Fruits ,Vegetables And Milk . Drink Water Many Time In A Day. This Natural Things Prevent Hair Loss And Incourage Blood Circulation  in The Scalp.
  4. You Can Also Use Olive Oil On Scalp Skin For Prevent Hair Loss And Dandruff. This Oil Brings About Thicker Hair. This Process Keep At Fortnight.
  5. The Use Of Almond Oil Can Add To Shine Of Hair And Become The Hair Thicker And Healthy. Massage This Oil On Scalp, After 15 Minutes Rines The Hair With Warm Water. This Act Carry On Up To Fortnight.
  6. You Should Also Wash The Hair With Low Chemical Shampoo And Deliver From Dust And Air Polution . After Washing The Hair Apply Curd On Scalp Which Is Adequate For Hair Softnes. This Process Brings In Hair Strength.
  7. Aleo Vera Has Many Natural Properties Such As Burn Up Dryness , Growing Of Hair And Prevention Of Hair Loss. Take Pulp Of Aleo Vera And Leave It On Scalp For 30 Minutes Then Rines The Hair With Fresh Water. Repeate This Procedure Twice A Weak.
  8. You Can Alive Of Fenugreek Seeds To Controle PH Of Scalp Skin And Eliminate The Hair Fall. Take Fenugreek Seeds And Dip Into Water For 3 Hours After This Act Prepare A Sauce Of Them, Then Leave It On Scalp For 1 Hour. Wash Of With Fresh Water . It Also Lightens The Hair Color
  9. The Sauce Of Beet Root And Henna Is A Proper Treatment For All Problem Of Hair. Make A Sauce Of Few Henna Leaves And Beet Root Leaves Then Apply It On Scalp For Half Hour, Then Rinse With warm Water . This Sauce Has Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • You Should Use The Solution Of Green Tea And Water. Take One Tea Bag And Dip It One Cup Of Hot Water . After Five Minutes, Give Off Tea Bag From Cup Then Use This Solution On Scalp After Shampooing The Hair.

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